Lancope StealthWatch System Product Family

StealthWatch Management Console - available as a physical or virtual appliance - manages, coordinates and configures all StealthWatch appliances to correlate security and network intelligence across the enterprise. This ability to deliver real-time insight into current network behavior increases network and security team efficiency and decreases operating costs, while simultaneously improving operational awareness and overall security.
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StealthWatch FlowCollector leverages Cisco NetFlow traffic accounting technology or traffic information from sFlow (inherently available in routers and switches from Brocade, HP ProCurve and Extreme) to cost-effectively extend network protection and traffic analysis across geographically dispersed or multi-gig enterprise networks. The FlowCollector is also available as a virtual appliance, and also supports IPFIX.
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StealthWatch FlowSensor delivers flow-based Response Time Management (RTM) that provides comprehensive visibility of network and server performance metrics. By providing flow-by-flow visibility, the FlowSensor delivers connection information such as Round Trip Time (RTT), Server Response Time (SRT) and Retransmission Ratio (RT%). The FlowSensor also provides advanced URL data to further expedite network and security troubleshooting.
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StealthWatch FlowSensor VE, a virtual appliance, provides anomaly detection and network performance monitoring for virtual environments. It extends Lancope's physical network visibility by analyzing virtual network traffic to detect and address configuration problems, inefficiencies in resource allocation, security violations and policy violations before any failure or degraded performance occurs. Like the FlowSensor, it also delivers advanced URL data.
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StealthWatch IDentity automates user identification, streamlines remediation efforts and delivers powerful auditing capabilities for regulatory compliance. Its agent-less approach enables scalable, cost-effective user tracking and reporting for network optimization and security. Identity data is also available through integration with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).
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StealthWatch FlowReplicator improves enterprise network performance by aggregating flow data, syslog and SNMP information in a single, high-speed appliance. This high-speed UDP packet replicator gathers essential network optimization and security information from multiple locations in the FlowReplicator, and then forwards this information in a single data stream to one or more StealthWatch FlowCollector appliances.
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Intelligent traffic Grooming, Optimization, Flexible, Scalable, Self-Healing

VSS Monitoring is the leader in network intelligence optimization systems, allowing you to make optimal use of analytics, security, and WAN acceleration tools. VSS has the broadest product portfolio to meet every customer need, no matter what size or budget. VSS distinguishes itself as the only vendor offering optimization solutions for the entire network intelligence ecosystem. All VSS product is developed, manufactured, tested, and shipped from our facilities in Silicon Valley, USA.

VSS provides a highly scalable, systems-based approach to network intelligence optimization. With the vMesh and the IntelliScale Architecture, up to 63 vNodes can be interconnected to form a fully-redundant, self-healing, scalable traffic access architecture, providing complete network visibility, user-controlled network data access, greater operational efficiency and better ROI.

Distributed Series
The Distributed Series accesses and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple network intelligence tools. Policy-based triggers, filtering, and load balancing combine with packet optimization and specific application features to provide redundant network intelligence system building for full LAN, WAN, or cloud-based network visibility.

Protector Series
The Protector Series accesses, captures, and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple active and passive network intelligence tools. Policy-based triggers, health checks, and fail-open / fail-closed configurability combine with filtering and load balancing to provide redundancy and high availability for in-band and out-of-band visibility.

Finder Series
The Finder Series allows large-scale real-time deep packet filtering based on object, pattern, and signature detection. It accesses and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple network intelligence tools to provide compliant "clean" searches for authorized lawful interception (LI), fraud prevention, and other ultra sensitive parameters.

TAP Series
The TAP Series accesses traffic from full-duplex networks, making them available for network intelligence tools and Network Intelligence Optimization system building. All VSS' TAP Series products are failsafe for 100% guaranteed network uptime. Features such as aggregation, replication & regeneration, and L2-L4 filters provide a wide range of options for accessing Ethernet networks.



Procera Networks delivers Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions for network operators, leveraging industry-leading Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. Procera's PacketLogic solutions are the engine that drives the new Digital Lifestyle enabled by advanced broadband networks. Our technology enables carriers, mobile operators, broadband providers and higher education institutions to:

  • Improve the quality and longevity of their networks;
  • Monetize their infrastructure investments;
  • Control security hazards;
  • Create innovative, attractive services for their users;
  • Forecast network application and usage trends over time

Procera PacketLogic Real-Time Enforcement

The PacketLogic Real-Time Enforcement platforms (PRE) utilize multiple hardware platforms that run the same operating software. Each of the platforms offer consistent feature richness enabled by the PacketLogic software, including policy enforcement, attack mitigation, charging, Advanced Traffic Steering, and Carrier Grade NAT. The PacketLogic hardware platforms offer a range of configurations from the entry-level 2RU, 2 Gbps PL7720 through the 5 Gbps PL7810 in a compact 1RU system. The mid-range PL8720 is a 2RU unit with up to 15 Gbps throughput. At the top of the line are the PL8820 with 30 Gbps and the PL8920 with 50 Gbps throughput, both appliances come in a compact 2RU form factor, and the PL10024 with capacity up to 120 Gbps and support for 10M subscribers per system. The PL100024 is a 13/14RU modular AdvancedTCA (ATCA) chassis solution. The newest addition to the PacketLogic family is the PL20000, the industry's first 100GE capable Intelligent Policy enforcement (IPE) platform, a 14/15RU AC/DC combination system with support for up 320 Gbps of throughput in a single system, and multi-system performance scaling up to 5 Tbps.

Procera PacketLogic Intelligence Center

The PacketLogic Intelligence Center (PIC) with PacketLogic Report Studio provides the visualization of the application and subscriber intelligence gathered by deployed PacketLogic systems. Leveraging the subscriber and location awareness provided by the PSM and the application intelligence provided by the PRE, the PIC is able to present a wealth of information to the network operator based on the behavior of their network. The PacketLogic Report Studio is the first Network Intelligence and Analytics solution for Intelligent Policy Enforcement systems that provides comprehensive report creation to answer the business questions network operators need answered to run their business. PacketLogic Report Studio delivers print-ready reports that can be customized to focus on complex analytics that can be used to shape investments in network infrastructure, new services marketing, and product launch decisions. The PIC gives network managers access to relevant network traffic intelligence that enables network optimization, creation of appealing services and protection against malicious behavior.

Procera PacketLogic Subscriber Manager

The PacketLogic Subscriber Manager (PSM) integrates PacketLogic with network management and operation systems including AAA, OSS, BSS, provisioning, and policy management solutions. This enables policy enforcement, per-user tracking, also known as user awareness, as well as knowledge of where in the network the user connects, i.e. location awareness. The PSM is also used as the hub for service provisioning, including 3GPP-based PCC services, Advanced Traffic Steering, and Carrier Grade NAT. User awareness can be leveraged to create personalized offerings that attract new customers, minimize churn, and increase ARPU through value-add services. Location awareness makes it possible to resolve, or even avoid, congestion, enhancing the user-experience. It can also control roaming costs through automatic policy enforcement.


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